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Root Is root worh it ?


Android Enthusiast
Aug 18, 2011
i got my phone two days ago and have had no problems with it so far. no resource shortage errors or text errors. it is a virgin branded phone. i wanted to root yesterday but in the end didn't. i know when you root you lose the warranty. is it really worth the benefits to root. i really do love flashing roms and is really one of the big reasons i want to root. i believe if i do root i will remain s-on for now. does virgin cover the phone for one year. so what do you guys think am i being a punk or is it better to be safe. i rooted my last phone " lg esteem" but their was no way for the manufacturer to know that i rooted. on htc it seems that is not the case. What do you guys think ? :thinking::(;)


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