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Is "Tablet Talk" the best SMS sync app?


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Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone has purchased "Tablet Talk" v.1.6.4 from the market? What are you thoughts? Are there any better apps on the market (for sms sync) than this one?

Basically I'm looking for a great sms sync app so when im sitting at home I can text, not much use for my phone if the N10 is in my hands.

I've downloaded "TextPlus Free" and it has a very nice UI and seems to work. The main problem for me is that you cant use your real phone number. I text a lot, so saying "hey bro this is my new tablet phone number" may be confusing and I'm not too keen on that.

If anyone could post their experience or comments about this app that would be great! Just want to get some thumbs up before I pull the trigger for 2.99 on google Play.

---Any response is appreciated---


I bought tablet talk. It works perfectly and exactly as advertised. Because I'm using Go SMS on my phone I had to tinker with 1 thing on the receiving end in settings but now it works perfectly. The messages almost pop up on my tablet faster than my phone. Incredibly impressed and loving it so far. 0 problems. Using Bluetooth to connect.

Highly recommend
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Might check the app out once I receive my N10.

I also use Go SMS, what setting did you have to change in order for it to work properly?

GO SMS Pro: Settings->Receive Settings->Disable other message notification: Uncheck

Took 2 sec and its perfect. I'm not kidding when I say the messages almost pop up faster on my tablet.

You should do more than check it out! Buy it!
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Got my N10 today, pretty awesome so far.

Trying out the tablet talk app, very cool, thanks for the recommendation!

Something weird I noticed is that at times I get notified that a message isn't sent but it actually does go through. Other than that, great app!

Hmmmm, hasn't happened to me at all. I would suggest tinkering with the settings or emailing the developer! I think you will figure it out. Glad your enjoying it minus the small glitch!

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I purchased this app and wasn't happy. It killed my battery on my Atrix HD. Also, I use the Smart actions app, it has a battery saving method that cuts the Wi-Fi after a few minutes without use. When this happens, I lose connection to tablet talk.

I haven't noticed any abnormal battery drain from this app. I would suggest connecting through Bluetooth, I think its a stronger connection and better on battery life (not 100% sure, read it somewhere)

it would seem to me that your battery is draining from constantly connecting, reconnecting. just a thought. i'd say play with it a bit more, and as I said above, try Bluetooth, its really slick.

PS- for me, even if there was slightly more battery drain, it would still be worth it because of the convenience/how nice the app works (for me).

I hope you try these things and get it working!

my 2c

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