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Is the Note 5 a "side-grade" at best?


Apr 23, 2015
Reading the almost confirm specifications of the Note 5 I'm worried that it's going to be a side-step to the Note 4 at best.

I upgraded to the Note 4 from the Note 3 and while I appreciate some of the improved aspects, I am frustrated with the following:

- Phone is thicker / taller / heavier
- Location of Options menu makes it hard to use one-handed
- Location of Forward/Back buttons on browser makes it hard to use one-handed
- Stock email app is very slow

So now comes the Note 5 that offers the following:

Main Positives:
- Better build
- Faster CPU / More Ram
- Slight improved camera (?)

Main Negatives
- No removable battery or SD card
- No IR blaster (rumoured)
- Smaller battery 3,000mAh

It can be argued how much practical benefit one would see from the positives, but I can see people being disappointed with the negatives. I personally am bummed about the removal of IR blaster, and smaller battery.

However, since I don't care too much about the removal battery and SD card, I will upgrade if the Note 5 fixes my dislikes with the Note 4, namely size, weight, and location of the options menu.

Also sadly it seems smartphones have reached a plateau, it's just getting harder and harder to think of useful improvements that people can benefit from in their daily lives.

Let me know what you think.
I won't be upgrading to the Note 5 from my Note 4. In the direction Samsung is moving, I might have to look at another manufacture when the time comes.

In my opinion Samsung is targeting "new" users. Much like Windows 8 and 10... new users don't know what it was like in Win XP, so they don't know what they're missing (from a power user point of view). Heck, even Win 7 removed capabilities found in XP.

Down the line, the Note will be nothing more than another choice in smartphones. It won't be the "flagship" it once was as nothing will stand out anymore. I hope Samsung will wise up and prove me wrong! Change is not a bad thing, but when you take away things that people enjoy, you lose the "old" customer base and loyalty. Samsung doesn't seem to care (just like Microsoft) as long as they can sell their phone, but too much of that attitude will drive them down the same path as HTC. Sad!
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i was totally into the Note 5....

i was willing to give up on the removable battery and battery size (considering i have a rapid charger in my car and office)

the SD card i was a little iffy on, i currently have 128GB in my Note 4 but i talked myself into living without it, considering i have a OTG cable...

and then i read that it doesn't have the IR blaster... total deal breaker... if i can't find my remote no problem, because i always know where my phone is...

looks like i'll be going for the s6...
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