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Is there a device for hdmi & charge?


Dec 26, 2021
I already have an android to hdmi connection by Samsung but is there one that can allow charging via USB port at the same time? Eventually it starts to drain your battery fast even at 100%. Apple products have their official cable that does this so can anyone point me in the right direction? I tried out the following product on the link below and it did nothing.

Any help would be appreciative thanks.
i dont think an Android smartphone like this exists or a cable that can do this. if you want to access multimedia on your tv use a chromecast or a ps4 on sale. I personally use my ps4 for all my Netflix viewing and youtube surfing

AFAICT there's certainly no universal one-for-all cable or adapter that exists, but a couple of manufacturers make adapters for their own devices, e.g. Samsung DeX and Huawei MateDock. And I have used both.
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