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Help Is there a limit to number of taskbar icons ?

For some reason, I no longer get a Wifi connection icon appearing in my taskbar, despite Settings/Wireless&Networks telling me I'm connected to a Wifi network.

It might be that I've got a Wifi problem, as network speed seems really slow and seems to use my 3G connection even when I'm connected to a Wifi network.

Even if I disable data traffic, and try connecting to the web I still don't get a Wifi icon appearing, despite being connected to my router ?

Anyone seen anything like this ? It's almost as if something has set my phone to ignore wifi and only use my GPRS/3G network for data.

This seems to have coincided with me pairing the phone to my car stereo via BlueTooth, and I'd not turned on Bluetooth before. I'm wondering if there's no more room now to show the Wifi icon, hence title of post.


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