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sony ericsson xperia arc

  1. S

    Root Cannot view my downloaded app

    I seem to have a problem with viewing my downloaded app; Link2SD. I have installed and uninstalled more than once, re-booted but no luck. I have a rooted Sony ARC S. Other apps download and work fine but this one in particular won't show on the application screen. I am trying to take advantage...
  2. S

    Root Please Help! Installing custom Kernel gone wrong

    Hi I have a sony ericsson xperia arc...and tried flashing the kernel so I could install a custom rom...at the end of the process I naively disconnected the phone before it was finished...now It just sticks at the boot screen... now it doesn't recognise the phone in flashtool and I get a...
  3. S

    Help Help with storage problem

    Hi, I seem to have an issue with my phone I have barely anything installed on it and its already at its limit for apps, I have a 16GB SD card in as well and was wondering if there was a way to make the SD card my main memory source or if I can install my apps/games to the card instead? Its a...
  4. A

    Fix Google Experience Launcher correctly into the screen!!!

    Hello there, I have a Xperia Arc with cm11 by legacy Xperia. I installed the google experience launcher(gel) and my apps in the app menu does not look good.I wanted to upload a screen shot of it but i am a new user. I want this launcher because I user google now like 70 times a day. I tried...
  5. E

    Help SD card or phone problem

    My Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc suddenly refused to take photos today, and various apps would not run. It seems the phone no longer recognises its SD card. I have tried removing and reinserting the card and restarting the phone a few times but it either says there is no SD card, or the sd card is...
  6. S

    Help Xperia Arc S Power Problem

    My Xperia Arc has been causing me problems recently.... If I fully charge to 100%, the battery will last 4 hourts maybe with minimal/no use. Even when switched off, the battery is draining. However, I took the battery out last night after charging. I have put the battery back into the...
  7. S

    Help Unmounted sd card

    Hello I wondered if anyone could help. I have an experia arc and its suddenly unmounted the sd card so it won't let me take pics etc. I was advised by Sony to back the phone up which I have tried however it won't connect to the website as it says I need the memory card inserted ... Can anyone...
  8. C

    Help Whatsapp Problem!

    My problem with Whatsapp is my messages comes like 10 minutes delay. After the delay, I'm entering the Whatsapp, I send a message but it's not going. To fix this I have to deactivate Data Traffic and active it again. When I do that Whatsapp working fine. But when I close Whatsapp (still...
  9. A

    Help Call reject popup prevents swiping to answer call

    Often when a call comes in, the popup from the bottom of the screen with Reject Messages interferes with swiping to answer the call. It sort of vibrates up and down. As soon as I try to swipe it gets in the way and I can't answer the call. Is this because of some particular way that I am...
  10. C

    Help SD card contents not appearing on PC

    Hi all, I need some help with my SD card. Recently, I tried to root my Arc but it didn't work, my phone won't start up after the flashing part and I decided to reset my phone to factory settings using Sony Update Service. Now the phone's fine and I decided not to root anymore, but my SD...
  11. B

    Help Xperia Arc Bootloader

    I am trying to unlock the bootloader on my xperia arc which is on the O2 network, evrything i have found online says that O2 have placed a block on boot loader unlocking but when I contacted O2, they insisted that they havent and the block must have been placed there by sony!!!! I need to know...
  12. A

    Root Xperia arc hard brick please help

    Can someone help Me , my phone is stuck at sony logo , flashtool, seus or pc companion wont recognize it and doesnt charge any idea how to repair it?
  13. D

    Help Email stuck on loading messages

    My storage was getting low, so I decided to clear data as I had huge amounts of email in my phone and set up my email again (having tried K9 without success as I did not seem to be able to associate a file manager. When I did this, my email has started "loading messages" and has been stuck on...
  14. U

    Help Goggle play store stopped working, says no connection

    hi the play store stoped working and also gmail says no connection, but other aps work fine, model number xperia arc lt18i and on android 2.3.4
  15. E

    caller ID at Sony Ericsson Lti15

    Good day I cannot use my phone to dial a number. I think problem is in Caller ID. Because when i put sim-card in other phone it works.
  16. H

    Help USB Not Recognised **

    I have an Xperia Arc which i have Rooted a year ago. I have deleted everything on my Xperia by using 'Factory Data Reset', This was not a good idea at all. And now, USB mode does not work in the computer. Charging is fine, i wanted to update my 'GingerBread Firmware' to 'Ice Cream Firmware'. If...
  17. J

    the system crash

    i open my bluetooth and it stuck after i reboot my phone my phone is xperia arc running ICS 4.0.4 it stuck at the xperia word and go back to the sony word again
  18. gregg1100

    Help ICS on ARC

    Hi, Did the Arc ever get Ice Cream Sandwich, or did I read Sony had not made it available due to low memory. ?? This one is Xperia Arc, on O2. LT 15 i. I have seen some designated LT 15 a- what is the difference please ?? Thanks
  19. gregg1100

    Closing apps

    Hi, Is there a way to close apps without going through App Manager?? I have a Galaxy S3, and when long holding main key, it brings up a list of open apps---just flicking them to left closes them. Wondering if there was something similar on the Arc? Thanks, Greg Phone on O2
  20. N

    Root Where can I get a stock 2.3.4 (0.62) ROM?

    It seems that many links on the Internet has broken........Is there anywhere I can get a stock 2.3.4 (0.62) ROM? Thank you very much for your help.
  21. M

    Root Facebook and Youtube Will Not Go Away!

    My arc is running Gingerbread and is rooted. I do not want Facebook or YouTube on my phone but they came pre-installed. I have removed YouTube.apk and facebook.apk from /system/app but the apps still appear on the menu and run normally! :confused: How can that be or more importanly how can I...
  22. I

    Root creating folders within gallery

    hello, if i have posted in the wrong area please bear with me, i have a sony xperia arc, and want to know if i can create a new and seperate folder within the Gallery section, if not, can i create one outside? and is there a way to direct pictures to be saved in it as default or manually...
  23. M

    Help Cant play content on my Sd card over DNLA (Connected Devices feature)

    I've managed to get my PS3 to find my ARC using the connected devices feature, but the PS3 cant see the content on my sd card. I have some movies in avi format stored, but cant get the PS3 to see them (or my WD TV live, for that matter). Any suggestions? Thanks.
  24. Y

    Help Sony Erricson won't turn back on!

    Well, simply, it won't turn back on. Whenever I was in the lock screen it would say it was charging, then I would slide down from the top and it would say it was discharging. So, thinking it was a small bug I turned off my phone and tried to turn it back on later. It doesn't turn back on. I've...
  25. A

    Help experia arc

    my arc wont charge,got new battery,but same on a usb it says POWER SURGE. disconnect and reset pc...........any takers/