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Accessories Is there a Silicone case that does not stretch out?


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Nov 23, 2010
Los Angeles
I got one of those $7 silicone cases from best buy when I originally got my phone that became too loose within a week or two (although it started out fairly loose).

I then purchased the Impact series from Otterbox and it fit nice and snug when it first arrived, but after about a month it's already started to become too loose (makes changing the volume or hitting the power button more difficult).

Any of you purchase a silicone case that's remained nice and tight since you first got it?

Alternatively, any of you have a hard case that's as slim as a silicone case?

I have one of these and love it. The silicone cases are going to stretch some, it is a malleable material. That said, this one seems to stick to the shape of the phone better than any other silicone case I have used. Great fit and finish, too. Second to none with attention to detail. It even has "HDMI" and the USB symbol pressed in to the bottom of it (like is written on the phone).
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Yah, it looks like I can't find anything that doesn't have the plaid design on it.

What is the name of your GF's case? Depending on which case I look at some of the comment are good and some say "impossible to depress keys."

Not sure we got it off of ebay. Its the case that has the individual cutouts for the camera lenses, speaker, and flash. The camera cutout protects the protruding lense.

I have the flat black case that is the same as the plain clear you're probably looking for. The buttons are a little harder to press than my gf case. But I don't think its as bad as some people have made it out to be. Keep in mind that the case has softened a bit so its easier to press.
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