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Is there an android device that matches this criteria?


Sep 8, 2011

Nevermind. I think the best solution for me would be to buy a tablet and a mifi device. So, I'll go look around for recommendations on small tablets.

Are there any devices that fit this criteria:

1) Android OS, of course

2) Does not require a cell phone plan. I can just use skype, google talk, etc. for any calling I might do. $35/month for data is fine. $70/month for phone service is not. So, a phone device would be ok but only if it doesn't require a phone plan to use. Tablet might be better if there is one that fits the rest of the criteria.

3) 4G

4) Wifi

5) Small. I want something I can either fit in my pocket, or at least have some very convenient safe way of carrying it (open to suggestions). I'm not sure if 7" is too big or not, but anything bigger than that certainly is.

6) ATT or Verizon for the data only plan or if some other carrier has similar coverage. I know coverage for T-Mobile and Sprint are not good enough where I am located so I can't use them.

7) Reasonable quality camera (I'm going to use it like a simple scanner for drawings)

8) Capacitive touch screen

There are devices that will fit all of your needs except for the small part. :/ For some reason small and 4G don't tend to mix.

Actually after reading over what you said again you said 7" was too big. When I hear small I think iPhone size (3.5"), I'll update my post when I find the links to some good recommendations.

Right, because typically the data-only plans are only for tablets. I heard that the phones all require you to get a phone plan which I don't need.

7" might not be too big. If there is a 7" one that fits my criteria, I'd like to hear about it.
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