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Help Is there an app to show Battery Current Drain/Charge?


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Nov 28, 2009
I have been searching and just can't find a way to show the amount of current draw/charge on the battery (in milliamp hours).

On windows mobile we could see this and in light of the Moment's battery issues it would be a great way to see what is really going on.

Any ideas?
I tried Battery Graph. It shows the percentage of drop over time but it does not show the current draw in real time.

For example, on Windows Mobile we had apps that could display the exact current draw (ie 57mah) and it would fluctuate depending on what the device was doing.
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I suppose what you're (we're) looking for is something like ChaDis (which I've mentioned earlier)?

You could try Battery Dog: It graphs battery percentage, voltage, temperature, and "hourly percentile change" which is sort of like "battery drain". However, I've found it quite slow to plot the chart, and its service seems to be not always running.

I don't think any of the android phones actually have a way to measure wattage/amperage -- in fact, I believe that Android only supports percentage, voltage, and temperature monitoring -- so apps must calculate it from battery drain.
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I have been searching for an app like this with no luck. If Android currently does not support this function, how can we ask for that enhancement in future versions? This was something I used frequently on my WinMo phone so I could see how the things I was doing would affect battery drain. Seeing the actual charge rate was also quite useful for testing/benchmarking different chargers to see what worked best.
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The app is "Current Widget" ... at least that will give you the incoming current. I used it to compare the current that a portable battery was giving versus having it plugged in to household AC power
I could not get anything at all to show up on the Current Widget. Is it because I am rooted? Still on stock rom and kernel. Do I need a different rom or kernel?
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