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Is this a LCD Failure or hardware?

Sounds more like the LCD suffered some sort of physical shock (even dropping the phone a few inches, if you do it just right is enough, or thermally shocking it), to turn the display into a Liquid Non-crystalline Display. IOW, bad screen. You COULD cause the same thing to happen with software, like the GPU, but the odds are overwhelmingly in favor of a bad screen. (To be sure you'd have to actually test it - connect a known-good screen to your phone and see what happens, and connect your screen to a known-good phone and see what happens.)
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Thank you for the responses! Now I can attach the picture of the screen


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A screenshot is done by the phone, pressing whatever buttons are pressed on that phone to produce a screenshot. It produces a picture of the signal being sent to the screen.

A picture of the screen is ... well, a picture of the screen. It shows what the screen looks like to the user.

They can be two totally different things if the screen is damaged.

Just by looking at the picture I'd guess software problem, but that's a really wild guess, because all I can go by is what I assume to be a picture of the screen. If the signal being sent to the screen (a screenshot) is something different, then it's a hardware problem.
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