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Nov 27, 2010
Basically im in need of a good phone thats 4g from metro and this phone and the huawei activa are in my price range. I was looking over the activa and it does'nt have enough memory on board for me sadly and I don't believe it has flash. When looking over this phone it look great but I had ALOT of problems from samsung devices before so I don't know i would've gladly gotten the lg esteem but i don't have enough for that so is this phone any good?
Thx guess ima get this phone :D

There Are known issues with this phone that caused me to buy a connect4g after two months.
Mainly the fact that the 4g data will often drop out for no reason or hangs and shows a connection when it actually doesn't have one.

Oddly enough i literally just swapped my number back on here because i left my connect at the shop when i left this evening.
Took 10 minutes to download a 2mb app.
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