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Help Is this possible with Motorola Droid?


Nov 8, 2009
I have the Motorola Droid. I ride a motorcycle, and I have a bluetooth comm set in my helmet.

What I would like to do is -

1. Do voice dialing through bluetooth comm set without touching the phone. Is this possible? I know I can use google search and voice dial application - but those both involve touching the phone.

2. Get the navigation system to give navigation instructions through the the bluetooth comm system. Is this possible?

If I can only do one of the above, I'd rather have the GPS than the voice dialing. I'd give up on the voice part all together if I could get the GPS to communicate with the helmet.

Droid is successfully paired with the helmet. Works fine to receive a call, but I can only do an outgoing call if initialized via the phone itself.
As of right now, the Droid doesn't support much functionality for the BT HFL (Hands-Free-Link) Profile.

Currently, about the only portion of the HFL Profile that *is* supported is phone audio for a previously initiated call.

Initiating a call (or other phone commands) via the headset, and routing non-call phone audio to the headset are not supported at this time.

It is not clear at this point if Android phones will ever support these (and other) HFL functions. Some of the claims I have read for why the HFL functionality is limited is due to the Universal Voice Search functionality, which routes your audible commands up to Google for analysis instead of analyzing the audio on the phone itself. Whether this is the real reason or not, I can't say - I don't know enough of the technology being used.

FWIW, these issues are currently at the top of the Android Bug Tracker list (under Issue #1181). If you want this issue (or any others) to be raised higher in the A.B.T., just click on the star on the left side, and you will be added as a subscriber to that issue (and the "Star Count" will be incremented for that issue). You don't need to add a useless "Me, too!" posting in the issue thread to have your vote counted.


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I've been there many times, but have never seen a star to click on. What's the secret?

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Hi there,

I ride. I use a Scala Rider bluetooth headset with a Garmin Zumo GPS. I connect my Hero to the Zumo and the Zumo to the headset, this then allows me to control the phone from the Zumo.
Hi, I also ride and have a zumo 660. My htc incredible paired with it and my phonebook transferred to the zumo. BUT - I just did a recommended update on the zumo and now the zumo sees the HTC, but will not connect to it. It always says disconnected. Tried everything I can think of... Do you have any ideas... I have not checked the zumo forum yet... Thanks! Jim
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