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Is Yahoo spammy

I know that Yahoo mail has been cracked numerous times. Therefore, legitimate accounts are now [apparently, but not really] sending spam. My son-in-law's ancient Yahoo account is one of them! I'll occasionally get mail ostensibly from him, but it's just garbage. :rolleyes:

But I have no idea if using Yahoo for mail yourself means that you'll get a lot of spam. If you do, can't you filter it? I use a real mail client for all my mail, including gmail, and never use webmail for anything. In my mail client, I can filter like crazy--and I do! If you can do that with Yahoo, I'd recommend trying it.
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Using Yahoo! Mail today is like relying on AOL Dial-up today. Why? Work still uses it and it's infuriating.

I prefer using a modern account with either Outlook or Thunderbird, but that's me. Yahoo is aging like K-mart and might not be around for much longer anyway. Time to at least be prepared for that. The data breaches they had over the last few years don't instill confidence in them.
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