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Issue with contact's number labeling

ok....so I recently discovered an issue with my phone where when I have a contact with multiple numbers that it defaults to the one I customized.

For example:
the default number would be,
mobile - 1234567890

I labeled the second number as "Custom" and called it "Mobile 2"
so it looked like this
Mobile 2 - 0987654321

now...once I do this and leave the configuration it shows it as:
mobile - 1234567890
Mobile 2 - 0987654321

but, after leaving my contacts app and going back in it changed it so they are both labeled Mobile 2

Mobile 2 - 1234567890
Mobile 2 - 0987654321

I attempted to remove their second number that I labeled as Mobile 2 and it still changes their other number to mobile 2, as well I attempted to just label it as Other with the same results.

If anyone has seen this issue or knows how to resolve it I would greatly appreciate it.
When you say app do you mean the stock contacts "app"? I tried every witch way and could not get my phone to do this and it wouldn't do it. I would try Instead of using the mobile in the drop down menu just use custom both times and see if it still does it.

My apologies for the lack of clerification. I did mean the defualt contacts app. Making 2 customs works but I guess it's just a little annoyance to see that not work.

Maybe it's just my phone in particular :-/
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