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issues w/ SD card

Sorry to jump in here with my own troubles today but the title is apt and I thought it better than opening a new thread (just to moan!).

was browsing the Zedge App (which ahs been great until now) and downloading some wallpapers when suddenly everything started going ULTRA slow. Picture albums started disappearing and apps (Albums, Astro for e.g.) would eaither not load at all or take forever. Eventually, the Hero reported that the SD card was damaged and I'd have to reformat. Most annoying.

Popped it in the pc and that couldn't read it, nor could it format it. The hero formatted it but it failed again. It's now in the pc having a disc check, but I ain't too hopeful for it's survival chances.

That's it really, just wanted to moan - bloody Zedge and/or the Hero ate my SD card!
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@Hrochnick: Had the same problem last night when copying wallpapers over via USB. One file would not copy regardless of what i tried. Could move the file around on the PC okay, but even a copy of the original file wouldnt copy.

After i finally gave up, disconnected USB, and the hero reported that the SD card was corrupted, had to reformat :-(

Worried there might be a virus on my PC :mad:
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