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Help iSyncr weirdness


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May 9, 2011
I have been using iSyncr for about two years, firstly with my S2 and now with my S4. Today I decided to change the name of my playlist in iTunes on my Mac and now it has started being thoroughly uncooperative.

I was able to select the playlist to sync OK but iSyncr now insists on syncing to:


which is the location for the Modern Combat 4 game files and absolutely nothing to do with media or JRT Studios, rather than the far more logical:


where it used to sync to and where I have set it to sync to.

I have ended up deleting all the 20GB of music from my phone because iSyncr said I didn't have enough free space, presumably because it failed to recognise the directory it used to use. Now I have no music on my phone. I have tried deleting all iSyncr's data and uninstalling and reinstalling but it just does the same thing again - it's infuriating. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?
I'm answering my own post here but I strongly suspect that this is some strange interaction with FolderMount which I have used to move my Modern Combat 4 game files to my external SD card.

Quite what iSyncr is doing trying to access that folder is a mystery to me but I shall carry on investigating.
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I don't know exactly what is happening here, but if you'd contact me at iSyncr@JRTStudio.com I can investigate further with you. Once we find a solution we can post it on the forum. I'll be looking for your support email.
OK thanks I shall contact you.

The cause is as I thought but I am still unsure as to why it happens. I suspect it's because of some relative rather than absolute file reference in iSyncr because iSyncr shouldn't be going near the links that FolderMount has set up.
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