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Help JAVA on Lapdock/FF


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Aug 11, 2010
I recently purchased the Lapdock for my Bionic and am trying to figure out how to get the Java Runtime Emvironment added into FF. FF tells me it can go and install it for me but all I get is a page not found error. I try manual install and that takes me to a .bin file that neither android FF can do anything with.

Does anyone know how to get JRE working? Is it even possible?
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I've not yet tried this because I haven't had the time. This was about the only thing I've come across in my searches that might help us. If anyone sees anything else out there, please let us know.

Java on webtop confirmed! - xda-developers

I'm a little skeptical, because the official company line is that java is not supposed to work:


Thanks...I checked out your links.

I noticed it says " Prerequisites: Rooted phone and minor knowledge of how to run terminals"
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Well I did get JRE installed.
FF thinks it is there and I can see the plugin listed but nothing seems to work.
java.com cannot detect the version of java installed.
The terminal instructions listed in the XDA post would not work for me at all.
I ended up copying the JRE directory as noted but then used RootExplorer to change permissions as noted and to create a link from the copied directory to the FF plugins directory.

Anyone else tried this?
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