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Jelly Bean for Razr M

Interesting comment, since it was just formally announced today and I don't know of anyone having it yet. Still, I'm hoping you're right.

well you are right i shouldn't judge it until i hold it, but the specs and overall appearance ist as good as the m. From what ive seen it is fatter than the s3 by alot! and just looks fat, as well as cheap and it kind of looks like one of those phones that you get on ebay for like 50$. And have you seen that bezel!!! so to justify why the m is better- build quality, size/wasted space, specs and the best about it is JB.
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NO NO NO!!! look at walmart, best buy, amazon, newegg etc. verizon is a ripoff

I can get the M for $30.00 cheaper through Verizon online and I've discovered that if you buy the phone through a non-Verizon store and have a problem, Verizon isn't very helpful. I'm going to the local store tomorrow to see if they will honor my online discount.
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