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jelly bean launcher, camera


Jul 10, 2012
Just curious what anyone's thoughts are on jelly bean launcher for android. I've used it for a few days now and am pretty pleased with it. it doesn't seem to use up any additional ram and at least cosmetically looks more like jelly bean. Also, people have stated the sphere nexus app and/or jelly bean camera have been successfully ported to earlier android versions. Has anyone had any luck with this on the warp?
From what I read, the Camera works on the advanced GB roms (I'm assuming that'd be 2.3.6 and up) except for photosphere, I'm not sure it'd work on the Warp... someone should still give it a shot though, it may work. As for the launcher, if its the Team Syndicate one, man that one is really unstable for me, I'll take Holo over that one any day!
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thanks for the input. I'll have to give holo launcher another go. used that when it came with noob when mr. bobo was updating regularly. stumbled upon some articles referring to jelly bean camera and the sphere camera and wanted to see if anyone had any luck on our gingerbread phones. they seem to work on ics and above so once cyanogen is more stable that may become a reality.
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