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Root Jrummy Themed Handcent

You may be right, I've never market updated anything I have themed. I don't see how it would know what to update and what not to inside the apk which it would have to be the whole thing for people that don't have it already.
you don't need to android, just use titanium back up to back it up, then if its wrong and you want ijrummys back just install it and install the backup and data and it will be just like before.
I had downloaded the file to make a metamoph of it, but I don't see anything really different. So I didn't waste my time. If he changed the actual program I can't help you there.
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Well the general rule of thumb is that if you are going to theme an app then you should push it to /system/apps and get rid of the app if it is still in /data/apps (this can occure if you are getting a themed app included in a ROM but already have the app installed from the market, you end up with two apps on in /system and one in /data)...

I have seen both happen so I'm not sure what the market does exactly... I have had time were I've updated an app from the market and had it replace the theme and other times where it hasn't.
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