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Root Just a clarification...


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Oct 17, 2009
I am running Myn's 2.2 and have the battery tweak with the stock kernel. Does the battery tweak play nicely with Kings #11?? I think I might be getting mixed up with SetCPU but just wanted to make sure. Anyone running the battery tweak with Kings#11???
I'm not running the battery tweak. I was using Kigns #11 but recently switched to baked #6. As far as i know setCPU is not needed with the battery tweak ( I could be wrong), another thing is SETCPU does not play nicely with kings #11 as it uses HAVS. Whether or not thats confirmed, I'm not sure on that one. Hope that helped a little. Nice sig by the way.
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I'm using Myn's2.2 with Kings#11 with SetCPU, Oced to 1.19max, 998min on performance with screen on. 384max 245min conservative, screen off.
I do not have battery tweak since it does not play nice with SetCPU.
With this setup I've been averaging 19-20 hours with normal usage ( 5-6 calls 5-10 min each, 25 texts, 1 - 1.50 hours of internet ).
Heavy usage involves playing some games (Angry Birds:D) and using 4g will bring it down alot faster.
I also did the battery stat wipe to help it out.

So far with this setup, I'm NOT experiencing any lag or reboots, and to me excellent battery life.
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