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Do/will you live in one of the major cities that will have coverage?

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Here's to hoping Detroit (on the 2011 map) gets done sooner rather than later.
I would love to piss in my co-worker's cheerios.
Not only is he a die hard OSU fan (I bleed Maize and Blue) but he's always yappin about his ATT iPhone and it's internet speed.... I think I'll email him a speed test an hour once we get 4G/LTE....lol.
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I will according to Verizon's coverage map the New Orleans and surrounding area has it.


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I live in the Memphis TN area, North Mississippi actually but I can throw my POS Samsung Moment into Memphis if I wanted too. In fact I may do that when I pick up the Thunderbolt. LOL

Anyway, is there a web site that will show the intended time frame for 4G coverage for my area? I would like to see when Verizon plans to give me some 4G service.
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