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Hi Guys,

I just got my Bionic yesterday. This is my first smartphone I have always owned the basic phones.

I have to say I'm very impressed so far with this phone seems fast and I'm having a ball just tinkering around with it. I ordered a extended battery from Verizon yesterday for $25 and it already arrived today.

Are there any neat tips I should know about the Bionic. Also do you guys use screen protectors or just leave it bare?


Welcome. I think you made a good choice with the Bionic.

There are a LOT of great apps. If you search this area there are a couple of threads with a lot of recommended apps from everyone.

I don't use a screen protector. I do have the insurance policy. If you use a screen protector make sure it has a dumb looking opening in the center near the top. This is to allow the pocket sensor to operate properly. If you cover it (even with a clear screen protector) you are asking for problems.

... Thom
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Welcome, MikefrMd, and congrats on your purchase. When I had a Bionic I did have a Zagg screen protector (which has the important screen cutouts that Thom mentions) but otherwise did not use a case. I actually have grown so accustomed to the feel of a Zagg that I prefer my phone with them rather than with bare glass.

Thom created a great "share your tips" thread here: http://androidforums.com/motorola-droid-bionic/421050-post-your-tips-bionic-here.html
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