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Just ordered my bodyguardz full body skin


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May 17, 2010
I decided to get a bodyguardz for my inspire. I got the dry apply full body protector. I decided to go with bodyguardz because you get two protectors for the price. The regular price was $24.95. They offer free shipping on orders $24.95 or over. There is also a 30% off code "BMAi30" that I used. My total came to $17.46 shipped. Not bad at all for 2 full body protectors shipped. If you just want the screen protectors the total would be $12.96 shipped. I figured for the extra five bucks I would get the full body. You also have to search for the desire HD on their site because the inspire is not in their system yet. I am not sure if I will put the back part on yet, I have to wait and see how many pieces it is. Here is the link to bodyguardz. Don't forget to use code "BMAi30" for 30% off if you order

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After using a silicone protector on my BB I'm ready for something less bulky and not so "grippy", making it hard to get out of a pocket. At the same time I want something that'll protect the phone from (worst case) a drop onto concrete. Balance that with what was said about (this phone's big already) makes it tough to find something that can protect it from a fall yet not add bulk. I'll be following this thread closely.
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i just realized, what would happen if you want to take your battery or sim card/sd card out. i wonder if they have cut outs for that area on the case seeing as its made for the desire and not the inspire, have you see the back of a desire hd? does it have the same side loading battery and bottom release for sim/sd card
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