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Just switched to Galaxy S3 from Fascinate


Feb 26, 2012
Don't you just love a new phone! Got a little ticked off @ my Samsung Fascinate because the screen wasn't responsive and dropped it onto my thick carpet hoping it would jolt it into working and lo and behold, it bounced up and hit my metal barstool, cracking the screen in two places! The screen was mostly black and blue (bruised, perhaps?). I could take calls via the "answer" feature of my Bluetooth, but that was about it, so off to the Verizon store I went and am now the proud owner of a white Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3. (Hey, the phone was 23 months old; I think it was time for a new one.) Looking forward to finding out how to get my Buddy List back and other features of my new toy!
hi there kathy,
Welcome to the forums
i also knew someone who had the captivate(same phone really) and could not stand it, numerous problems develoiped with that phone, and it because more of a problem than anything else.

I have a feeling you will love your SGS3, it is lightning fast, big, and beautiful. if you have any questions about the phone or anything in general please feel free to ask. you can also check out your phones section here:
Samsung Galaxy S3 - Android Forums
you will have plenty of help in there no matter what.
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