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Keep dialing people by accident - disable 'Call' button somehow?


Nov 29, 2009
Hi all,

I've had the Hero about a week now, and keep finding that whenever I'm in the dialler app, I press the big green 'Call' button by mistake.

I don't like that the fact that it's highlighted as soon as you enter the app via 'Phone' on the homescreen, and it looks like it defaults to the last caller.

Is there anyway to change this? Ideally I don't want it to be highlighted until I've selected a contact to call.
I want the answer to this one its doing my fking head in also when you click on phone the keypad comes straight up over the top of your contacts is there anyway of changing this to where if i want to dial the number i can tap for it rather than having to tap to put it away to see my contacts

sorry for taking over your post but i didnt see the point in starting another for simmilar questions
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