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Help . Keeps Popping Up!

I've noticed since the 2.2 Update (from Telus) that whenever I'm typing a message/email/etc, when I push the space bar it frequently puts a . after every word. I don't think my thumb has grown any bigger since the update so I'm wondering if this is happening to anyone else.

For example if I wanted to type " Hey how's it going?" it will often come up like "Hey. How's. It. Going?" and I then have to try and retype it properly.
Is it possible that the "." button programming is overlapping into the right side of the space bar??

Anyone else have this issue?
I re-calibrated the screen for typing a few days ago, but I don't think it's gotten any better since then. Also upon closer viewing when it happens it doesn't put a space between the . and the next letter, so I don't think I'm double tapping the space bar.

Like above it should come out like this " Hey how's it going?", but instead it comes out as "Hey.How's.It.Going?" (no spaces between words you see)

Any other thoughts?
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