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Help Keyboard Backlight

The slider on my Droid was a bit loose, so I took it to the Verizon store to get a replacement. They claimed that didn't have any in stock (I'm pretty sure they did though :mad:) so they mailed a new one to me. Got here today and I tested out the slider. Seems a lot better! Now the only problem is the keyboard has no backlight. I've changed the brightness from auto-brightness to manual and tested it in a dark room and I have no backlight. I don't remember having to turn the backlight on for my old Droid and I've looked through nearly all of the settings with no luck. Is there any setting that I'm missing to turn the backlight on? Or am I gonna have to get yet another Droid? :( TIA

Edit: Restarted it, still didn't work. Restarted it again, now the backlight works :thinking: Guess this thread can be deleted!


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