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Keyboard Input methods


May 7, 2010
So when messing around with Swype the other day I noticed that you can change the keyboard types to 'QWERTY' 'Phone Keypad' and 'Compact QWERTY'.

Since I suck at using Swype and I came from a Blackberry pearl with sure type. I switched my keyboard type to Compact Qwerty. The keys are much larger using 2 letters per key, which is great for people like me with big hands.
Now I can type so fast on this baby it still auto corrects and everything.

To change at your home screen press menu > Settings > Language & Keyword > Touch Input > Keyboard Types.

Hope this helps some who just hasn't gotten use to the onscreen default keyboard.
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Hobie.. xt9 is the predicitive text, and abc means you have to tap each key how ever many times to get the letter you want. So like for W you would have to hit the QW key twice. Where as with xt9 you just type it and it will figure out the words you typed based on what letters you used.
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