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Help Keyboard issues.

1) When I auto rotate my cell it stands in portrait form, and never switching over at the keyboard either, it still has many issues with the moto edge plus, it seems like I cannot type anything up in landscape mode either.

2) I did the clear cache a few times already and still the keys will not function after typing with them, I tried grammarly and a few other keyboards to the market.

3) I did even the FDR last week too, so that did clear up a few issues though but this problem keeps bugging me.
I need a lot of help on this glitch.

There is no third party app running anytime.
You most likely will need to do a factory reset. If that doesn't work time for repair shop or new
I littearly did that a few hours ago Danny, and it works pretty well, I cleaned out most of the cache on my device and it works great, the auto rotate feels okay at times.
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