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Keyboard Issues


Aug 18, 2010
Hi all,
I bought a leather keyboard case from China for my Flytouch 3; when i connected the usb cord, the tablet shuts down...I had to plug the power cord for the tablet to turn on...so i decided to try to connect the keyboard again but i could not type anything from it...it is dead i think. Has anybody encounter this kind of problem before? I would like to avoid buying another one.

slow boat hehehehe, the Junk.

off topic:
my order on eBay from Hong Kong to China to Philippines they say it will arrive in 15 days but after 1 month and 10 days still no package, they give me refund.. but the item arrive after 2months and 5 days hahahaha.. its FREEE..

on topic:

The wireless Keyboard and Mouse that uses RF signals is automatically detected to tablet when you plug the Nano FR Receiver dongle.

like this items:


I'm not sure on Bluetooth.
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