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Help Keypad or Compact Qwerty advance cursor


Android Enthusiast
May 1, 2010
Portland, OR
Is there a shortcut to quick-advance when in keypad or compact qwerty mode?

On other implementations of this there is usually a key that makes it so you can quickly press the same key again and input that letter without it thinking you're double-pressing it and trying to cycle.

i.e. aaaaaa could be entered really fast if in-between each a i hit whatever cancels current input and advances the cursor.

(As an aside, any other keyboard alternatives that anyone recommends? I've tried BetterKeyboard, SmartKeyboard, Swype, Shapewriter, and ThickKeys - no go.)

Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out! If you hit enter it commits a key so you can quickly re-use that same key. Yay.


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