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Kies is setup, how do I remove all Google related syncing?


Aug 2, 2010
Up until today I've had my phone syncing with Google (Contacts and Calendar). Through a bit of searching and work, I've now finally got Kies installed and I want to have my Captivate sync only with Outlook.

The problem I see at this point is that if I sync now, I'm basically going to have everything duplicated in my phone. I simply want to remove the Gmail account and all my existing contacts, calendar entries, etc.

When I go into Accounts & Sync, if I attempt to remove gmail, it states that some programs are using this and I'll have to do a factory restore to remove it. This would apparently remove all my downloaded software which I definitely don't want to do. The phone is rooted and enabled for side loading along with all of AT&T's bloatware blown out.

Is there another option that I might be missing to remove this? I really want to use Kies and stop using gmail to sync.

Thanks for any help!
This is a portion of a reply I provided in another thread. Hope some / all of it helps. BTW, you would leave Gmail in place in the following scenario as its presence is innocuous. See my reference to Contact Remover towards the end regarding your concern about duplications...

- - - - -

I wasted hours on this crap and was finally able to transfer my Outlook contacts to the Captivate without links and without Google's "G". The first thing you need to do is forget syncing via Google. I know others successfully do it this way, but I didn't want to be tied to them and the Gs and links pissed me off.

I exported my Outlook contacts (didn't do the Calendar) to a Windows CSV file then selected default mapping.

Now open Kies and have it recognize your phone. Click on the Contacts icon, then the PC tab. Click on Open File and point the program to your Windows CSV file. For some reason the resulting sync placed birthdays for all of my 385 contacts in the Captivate - with all being born today. The answer to this dilemma - if it happens to you - is to map the two birthday fields on the left to something that has no value, like salutation, first born son, or some other field known to be blank.

When Kies presents the resulting contacts listing, open a sample contact that is known to have typical info (notes, etc.) so that you can verify that your imminent transfer will be successful. Then copy all to phone.

You may need to futz with the Kies mapping but it does work.

Oh - and if you missed something in the Kies mapping or for whatever reason don't like how your contacts transferred, you can delete them all from the phone using a free app named Contact Remover (nifty little thing) then try the sync again 'til you get satisfactory results.
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Well this is pointless now. While Kies FINALLY installed, it still is reluctant to see my actual phone. I did the Device Driver recovery and updated everything I could that others have mentioned. Kies will see it in Mass Storage mode as well as PC Internet for tethering... but in Samsung Kies mode, no joy.

This is just overall a very sloppy and unsatisfying turn of events. I've spent way too much time on this. As much as I hate to admit to myself, I might simply go back to my iP4. Closed off and limited, but worked flawlessly with my computer... *shrug*

I do appreciate the post above though. :)
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