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Kitkat 4.4.4 Update


May 19, 2010
I accepted the update (Android 4.4.4) with hesitations, but so far so good and my Foxfi still works! (S-Galaxy S4) However, my file manager still won't let me move files to my Micro-SD card.... are there any solutions short of rooting? I feel so let down by the Android development guys.... The dummies really sold a lot of Apple Phones because of this... they lost their advantage. ... What were they thinking? ??? What's behind this way of thinking?
I tried several times but update fails. I can download it but when installing fails at 27%. tried 6 times. I wiped the phone and tried the update again but it still failed. I was rooted before but lost root when I did the NI1 update. That one updated without any problems. I was with at&t but am now using staighttalk (not sure if that matters). Any ideas?
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Hopey...... Thank you, thank you, thank you...... you are correct, the native Samsung file manage moves files from internal storage to external micro-SD storage with no problem...
I was using ESFILE Explorer and ASTRO File Manager until the update to Kitkat. .. I didn't go back and try the native file manager cause everyone said the ability to move files to the SD card was taken away. Was it ever? Thanks Again.... This is why this blog is so nice to have... Thanks....
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