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Kobe Bryant GOAT......a tribute


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
  • May 13, 2010
    Los Angeles
    so it has finely taken this long to be able to talk about Kobe Bryant and how his passing affected me. i just wanted to share this with my AF family.

    Kobe Bryant was and still is the world to me. and it is not just me. it is the same for my friends, the city of LA, and to folks all over the world. he was/is my super hero. he was my Superman. for many seasons he carried his team to win games, the regular season, the playoffs, and finally to championships. he bleeds purple and gold. and this is what happens when you loose a super hero to tragedy.

    i got to meet Kobe (very briefly) in his rookie season. where during the preseason, he was at a meet and greet event at a book store (i can't remember which one) where he signed my Lakers jersey. he said hi and shook my hand. he did not really say much to me, and i did not really know what to say him. it was not the fact that i was star struck, but more of, i did not know much about him. all i knew of him was that he was fresh out of high school and was very talented, but very raw. i wish i had said more to him that day. i had no clue that he would later become a legend.

    i think for the LA folks, we were lucky enough to see this kid grow right before our eyes. we got to see him court his future wife, Vanessa. i think it was his rookie season that he went to his wife's prom. it is part of the reason why it hurts so much with his tragedy. the fact that he married his high school sweetheart even though they did not go to the same school is such a fairy tale.

    i think most here in AF do not come from LA or are Lakers fan. i'm curious as to how others here view him. what are your thoughts? did you hate him while he played? i could see why. did his tragedy affect you in some way?

    I'd never heard of Kobe Bryant, or paid any attention to American basketball until I moved to China from the UK. He is like a real icon here, especially to my middle school students, along with Michael Jackson.

    The "24" basketball shirt is still vary much a favourite in the PRC.
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