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Help Laggy "Slide to Unlock" Tab on Froyo?

This is such an often mentioned issue... and I completely agree that it's stupid. It's an unlock bar, why should it be laggy?

But on the other hand... is this really a huge problem for people? It has zero effect on functionality.

Just curious if it's perceived to be a functional problem or if people just look at it and think, "huh, that's stupid" (which, as I said, I agree with).
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It is purley asthetics in my opinion. Having said that, a dead pixel is the same thing. It doesn't effect the functionality of the phone, but its always there staring you in the face. I lock my phone every time I put it down, so I'm always having to unlock it to use it. and the lag bugged the hell out of me. Luckily I'm running apex, oc'd to 1.38 and the rEVOlution theme so the problem is non existent to me now!
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I agree it's laggy, it doesn't really affect my day to day use but it does make the phone feel... slow when it's not.

I'm trying out other lockscreens now. I wanted something clean, simple and smooth.

I'm trying Lock 2.0 Limited Demo. It's clean, and very responsive. I like that I can set it to use my desktop wallpaper and that it switches to a dark wallpaper when I plug it into the charger (doesn't light up the whole room at night quite as much). BUT... hitting the home screen button dismisses the lock. So if I accidentally hit the home button while the phone is in my pocket, I may end up butt dialing or butt surfing or... you get the idea.

Any other recommendations on clean, responsive slide to unlock lock screen that actually locks the device?
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WidgetLocker has been the perfect alternative to provide a smooth unlock slider, and it's provided the added benefit of adding widgets to your unlock screen.

I've noticed the lag as well...I have tried widget locker, but I didn't like that when you charge your phone it doesn't tell you the percentage charged.

Simply use something like battstat to put the percentage of charge on your lock screen :]
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