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Accessories Laptop dock allow for USB/Bluetooth Mouse?


Feb 9, 2011
Hello fellow Atrix awaiters,

After recent developments with hands on the laptop dock, it sounds as though one would want to use a separate mouse with the dock. If I am to buy the laptop dock I want to use the logitech darkfield mouse. The trackpad can be disabled and using the darkfield mouse would mean I could go anywhere with this Atrix dock combo!

I know the dock has 2 USB ports so I'm hopeful that drivers, or whatever could get in the way of USB mouse use, won't.
Yea, the reviews I read didn't put the touchpad that is built into the dock in much of a positive light. No option for scrolling or multi-touch would be a deal breaker for me.

Was brainstorming, and what would be really nice would be for a 3rd party vendor to come out with a dock that would put the phone where the touchpad would be and use the phone itself as the touchpad. I'd be willing to bet that they could do it a lot cheaper than $500 as well.
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