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Help Launcher Pro


Feb 22, 2010
I've recently bought a Milestone (moved from HTC hero), and something that I have noticed and been a little frustrated with is how Launcher Pro behaves.

I noticed that if I use a program for a certain length of time (eg. I surf the net, or play a game. ) When I return to the homescreen, NONE of my widgets are there. I need to wait a few moments for them to reload, or swipe through the screen until the widgets pop up again.

I've tried to uninstall/reinstall as well as clear the cache/data settings in Launcher Pro, but the problem/lag still remains.

Has anyone else experienced this?
Yes I have the full version and it works awesome! I have a task manager as well but any other one but "Task Manager" seems to screw my phone up. They have the same icon and I was fooled the first time I re-installed my apps after a wipe of the OS.

Don't get confused there is a lot that look alike!


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