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Launcher Pro

Beat me too it. Got it for my girls moment last night, she loves it. She's even happier to know she will be getting the rest of my widgets soon as well.

I bought it as well. So far, the only sense-like widget he has released is the people widget. Hopefully others will be forthcoming. Also, the people widget doesn't pull contact pics via facebook like the sense version does. The bottom line for me is that even though a lot of these replacements are pretty nice, they give me an appreciation for just how awesome sense really is.
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I like weather and toggle widgets, it has many cool sense like flip clocks and weather widgets with many different themes. I have a paper theme and it makes it look pretty sick. i think its like $1.50, and all the themes are free and are constantly added.

Are you saying the name of the app is "weather and toggle widgets"?
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