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LauncherPro help


Jul 4, 2010
I decided to try out LauncherPro and I quite like it but one big annoyance is that there's no longer a widget for toggling mobile data on/off. Any widget that would do that on the market?
PS: I tried Apndroid on-off widget but it only changed access points or something and that's not what I'm looking for.
Thanks but it only changes access points which doesn't work as good.

Oh and I found a ''way'' to get switchpro. Hopefully I'll be able to support the devs at one point though.

Anyway another issue regarding launcherpro: When using back to exit an app the phone goes to homescreen. I would like it if it went back to the app drawer instead (if the app was launched from there). Any way to achieve that?
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Why was APNDroid a problem it does stop mobile data quite effectively.
I have launcher pro. but I have never felt the need for a mobile data on off widget any more than one for Aeroplane mode because it is on the shut down menu if you hold down the power button.
Incidently I was playing with a Galaxy S at the weekend and that has no method at all for switching off mobile data at all apart from the full aeroplane mode. SGS forum confirmed. Bizzare or what.
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