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Help LauncherPro Making Incredible Slow?

It was crazy slow! I used it for like a week and was satisfied with the stock Android experience, then went back to Sense and I couldn't believe how much faster it was. I know someone with a Moto Droid 2.2, and even with 2.2 the Incredible is much faster browsing through menus & home screens. Sense just seems to be smoother than stock Android. I'm not even that big of a fan of Sense either.

I even set a task killer to auto-kill sense so I wasn't running 2 launchers....still didn't work
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I bought the Pro version when it came out also. Recently I've noticed it being a little slower, but I won't be removing it. The dev is adding more widgets, functionality and releasing updates pretty often. Actually, I expect to see some issues with an app that is in active development.

Basically if you don't like how it's working wait a few days I
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I literally spent 8 hours customizing Beautiful Widgets, WidgetLocker, and LauncherPro to perfection yesterday, only to uninstall them at the end of a long night because my phone lagged so much. With WidgetLocker, I couldn't use the stock HTC slider because it would lag like crazy upon unlock and flash between the lock screen and home screen. LauncherPro stuttered so much trying to switch between home screens, it was like I was trying to fight against the elasticity. It also lagged in menus and settings and was just generally an unpleasant experience. I liked Beautiful Widgets, but there was no reason to keep it installed without LP, seeing as I like the stock weather/clock the best.

TL;DR: Absolutely loved the way my phone looked, but not about to trade functionality for appearance. Dinc was just too slow.
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OK, this is weird.

I was running the leaked OTA and leaked Froyo ROM and installed Launcher Pro. Ran GREAT. No slowdowns whatsoever.

However, last night I decided to return to stock in preparation for the official OTA update(s).

Installed Launcher Pro and am noticing the same slowdowns others are talking about here.

Not sure why, but on stock 2.1, Launcher Pro is A LOT slower than on the leaked OTA/Froyo I was previously running.

Guess I'll stick with stock SenseUI for now...
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Im running LP Plus, Beautiful Widgets and WidgetLocker on stock 2.1 and everything is like butter. The ONLY issue I can report is if I hit the power button then IMMEDIATLY turn the phone back on I can see my LP home screen for a very brief moment before WidgetLocker takes over.

Open your LP settings and change the memory profile to "High" also make sure your using compressed cache for your homescreen caches. After reading the LP forums, that seems to be the magical settings for the best smoothness on newer devices.
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