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Help led flash when getting sms or call

I'm not aware of anything that will do it to the beat of the ringtone.
An app called noled will put led-like notifications up on the screen on new sms etc. i also believe it now has the led buttons as an option.
I however am rooted, so i have installed back light notification (bln) so don't use noled. Both consume battery, noled even more so, so it's worth bearing this in mind.
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yes i do

turn the phone over and you have LED FLASH i want this to flash when sms or ringtone goes off.

it must be possible :d

everything possible

everton scored 4 passed united i mean come on

Go here, and follow my instructions. It wont flash the 'flash LED' to the music but you'll have the soft keys notification, which is pretty cool.

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