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Help Legend WiFi problem solved... possibly


May 21, 2010
I've had my Legend about 6 weeks now and love it (I haven't regretted selling iPhone 3g yet!). The only problem I've faced is WiFi performance... which is horrible! I have 2 macs and a PC laptop, plus my wife's Blackberry all connected to our Sky router via wifi without any problems, all over the house. The legend has been a different story... very poor signal strength and connection problems, making surfing with wifi almost pointless. The antennae must be poor or heavily shielded as I get full bars on all the other devices, but only 1 or 2 on the legend. Until today... I read this post on the Vodafone forum:

WIFI troubles - Vodafone eForum

Based on this post, I've changed my router WiFi security from WPA-PSK to WEP, and things have improved so far. Signal strength seems marginally better, but thankfully the connection hasn't dropped yet.

I've only just tried this, so testing has lasted about 15 minutes, so I'll keep you informed. I also hope that a software update from HTC can improve things...
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all right, this is just to share my experience of wifi issues and how I was able to resolve them: ever since I got my Legend 10 months ago I've had connection issues rendering wifi more or less useless. I was able to log on no problem, but the connection didn't really stay active and response times were absolutely absurd if it'd work at. Then last night I updated the firmware in my Zyxel P-2602HW-D1A router and voila!: Wifi just works without any issues at all!
Hope this can be of help to others...
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I found when using HTC Legend wifi I would have limited or no internet connectivity, each and every time if I shut down and restart the HTC Legend, and restart the wifi hotspot, everything works perfectly. It's pain to have to restart but now that I know I restart it each time before I make the wifi hotspot and I never have problem.
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