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Help Less available free storage after flashing phone

Hi!My Tecno phone was getting stuck at starting Android apps thus I flashed the phone erasing all apps and data.

When I started reinstalling my data the phone storage suddenly got full.I have only installed 60% of the apps that I had before flashing the phone so wondering why I have less available storage than before flashing.

Total storage is 16 GB yet when I check from storage settings (see attached image tecno storage from settings.jpg) I can see when you add the various storage components ie system used memory,apps,pictures etc it doesnt add up to 16 GB.Also why is there so much usage of system used memory of over 5 GB.Is this where the Android OS is and can it be reduced to smaller storage size?

Also from Disk Storage Analyzer app that I downloaded,it shows total storage as 11 GB not 16 GB (see attached image tecno storage from disk analyzer.jpg)as shown in storage settings.Why is there such a discrepancy?

Kindly assist in recovering/allocating more free space on my phone so that I can reinstall all apps and add more data similar to how it was before flashing the phone.



  • tecno storage from disk analyzer.jpg
    tecno storage from disk analyzer.jpg
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  • tecno storage from settings.jpg
    tecno storage from settings.jpg
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The device's own summary is pretty odd: it seems to be using as large a bar for the 600 MB free as for the 5GB system! And it's not clear what it does with the data that don't fit into its few categories.

The Disk Analyzer display seems straightforward: it's showing a 10GB /data partition, which can also be addressed as /sdcard0, and a 2GB /system partition (which is where the Android OS and pre-installed apps live). There will be other partitions where other parts of the system firmware live (/boot, /recovery, the partitions where stuff like the radio firmware live, and possibly a system /cache partition, depending on what Android version this device runs). Chances are that these are lumped together into the 5GB system usage that the system settings show.

In reality a device with 16GB storage having 10GB available to the user is nothing unusual. And if the rest is system partitions there is nothing you can do about that: you'd need root to remove anything from those, and that wouldn't create any more space in the user partitions anyway so would not solve your problem.

So given that your partitions look plausible, the real question is whether there is anything in the user partition which wasn't cleared by your reset? Apart from the hassle of reloading everything I'd be tempted to try a factory reset (and make sure that it does clear the user storage rather than just apps) to see whether that fixes it.
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