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Lets see your UI layout!

Unfortunately it's not a simple process.

- Download the Android SDK here: Android SDK | Android Developers
- Run 'SDK Setup.exe' and install the Android 1.5 package and USB driver package
- In Windows Device Manager use the USB driver that was downloaded to install the USB driver in Windows
- Make sure you have Java installed, and Java /bin/ directory is in your Windows PATH variable (In a command prompt type "java" and if it says unrecognized command you need to do this: Find your Java /bin directory, should be something like C:\Program Files\Java\jre.ver.number\bin\ and go to a cmd prompt and type: path C:\thatdirectoryhere)
- Enable USB Debugging on your phone: Settings > Applications > Development
- Run ddms.bat in the /tools/ directory of the Android SDK with your phone plugged in
- Select your phone from the list on the top left of the window
- Go to Device > Screen Capture to capture and save screen shots

There is a thread exactly like this started already ... it also has directions on how to take screen shots.


Most of those seem to be on the Droid. I'd like to see what Eris users have done with Sense UI.
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screen #1: Bookmarks Widget
screen #2: messages widget
screen #3: Small fav people widget on left side, on upper right side photo frame widget and 4 program shortcuts.

screen #4 (home): 4x1 Calendar widget at top, clock widget, and weather widget with shortcuts and toggle for mobile/wi-fi

screen #5: 8 program shortcuts and 4x2 facebook widget on bottom.
screen #6: a little photo frame widget with a pic of 2 very cute dogs.
screen #7: Photo albums widget

all with the smoking blue wallpaper that came with the Eris.
Sorry, I couldn't upload the pictures..
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Great layout, if I might ask a question on screen two, the Bluetooth, GPS, WiFI. Mobile toggles - what is this.

This is my wifes phone (shes not a forum person, me - love this stuff) but my playtime with her phone is fairly limited.


Stock HTC widgets:

Long press, or the right arrow key -> HTC Widgets -> Settings then they will be there.
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In some of the other layout threads I have seen this widget:


Anyone know what widget it is? Or does it come with one of the home replacements?
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