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LG L34C Optimus Fuel


Jun 29, 2019
I have a brand new never activated Trackphone Wireless, Inc. Model # LG L34C Optimus Fuel Smartphone (I couldn't find this model in this forum's device menu).

It has Android Version 4.4 (Kit Kat - released September 3, 2013) and Software version L34CV10c.

It has 1.76 GB Internal Storage and a 3.69 GB SD card.

I can use it to make calls via WiFi I because I installed Google Voice.

Should I try to update Android Version 4.4 ? I've never tried to update an Android OS.

"There are two ways in which you can update your device to Android 5 Lollipop from Android 4.4.4 Kitkat according to the web site at https://www.quora.com/How-can-I-update-my-Android-KitKat-4-4-4-to-Lollipop-on-mobile-data
well those are just carrier updates. this is how you will always get updates. most of the upodates are done over the air and are pretty much automatic. the updates will just ask you if it is ok to update now or later.

but if for some reason an update has not been done then you can always check. the link you gave just shows you how to check thru your phone's settings. this is nothing new or crazy.

so yeah if you have an update and it upgrades your phone to lollipop then go for it.
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A check of the UPDATE CENTER of my LG L34C Optimus Fuel Smartphone shows that it has never been updated, and that no update it available.

Might an update be available if my Smartphone were activated ?

Is your answer to my question: "Should I try to update Android Version 4.4?": Never attempt to update a Smartphone from one version of Android to another version unless a check via its UPDATE CENTER shows that one is available ?

Thanks for rescuing me again OCNBRZE.
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well if there is no update available then that is exactly what that is. there is no update to lollipop for your phone.....at least right now. however, i doubt that your phone will ever get updated again officially. the phone has been out since 2013 so the only way now would be to root the phone, install a custom recovery (TWRP) and flash a custom rom that has lollipop or higher.
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How long would it usually take an expert to root a phone, install a custom recovery (TWRP) and flash a custom rom ?
it depends on download times and what is involved in rooting. every phone, manufacturer, and carriers will determine how to root the phone. they is not one rooting process.......so it depends.

just make sure that if you go that route that you do your homework first. it mainly consists of reading, then read some more, and read some more and don't forget to ask questions, maybe read one last time and then root your phone.

and feel free to ask questions if you have them.
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To root a phone, install a custom recovery (TWRP) and flash a custom rom sounds like a job for an expert, and a long learning process that is way over my head. Aside from not being bound to a Tracphone for phone service, how would anyone benefit from doing so?
I doubt that this LG L34C Smartphone will ever be used except by my friend to watch the educational videos that I download for him (he already uses a non-Smartphone mobile phone for calls).
Thanks for your kind reply. Its comforting to have a friend like you.
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well i have not rooted in a very long while. i am by no means an expert. it used to be a hobby i guess. it is really not as hard as it sounds. it just takes some time learning the process. but that is one of the reasons why AF is so awesome. you have plenty of members here who are willing to help if you need it.

but as of right now that is the only way to upgrade your phone to a higher android os when there is no available to update for your phone.

just curious as it sounds like that how you use this phone does not really require to update your phone from kitkat. is there a reason you thought that you need to update the phone?
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I might try to update my LG L34C Smartphone if I thought someone might benefit. Learning new skills is an adventure that can lead to even more progress. I love technology.

I became a little more confident after you helped me to accomplish more than I thought I ever could, e.g., how to download Youtube videos for my friend to watch via an obsolete Smartphone. I think that everyone would be better off if they had access to the Internet and weren't so ignorant and dependent on their exploiters for information. For example, watching James Bacque's video "Other Losses" at
helped me to better understand history, etc. Everyone should watch it several times.
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