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LG LM-Q710 (FGN) 8.1.0 FRP bypass

I am NOT computer, tech, smartphone, android savvy. BUT, I was given a phone to try and bypass the Google Account verification screen and when I Googled this, I was taken to all sorts of videos (all showing different methods that worked), and yet I have been unsuccessful in doing what those videos show. I'm about to throw this phone out my window, but my friend insists I keep trying. Again, I have NO clue what I'm doing here, but would appreciate if someone could possibly help me comb through all these how-to videos and point me to one that actually works?? I would greatly appreciate it.
Factory Reset Protection is by design not meant to be trivial to bypass. It's a security feature and that's just why you're having issues trying to defeat it. So stop frustrating yourself by making this into any kind of simple project you can achieve watching a Youtube video.
Basically, if you're going to bypass FRP in whatever method you're going to try, the user account and its data is probably going to be wiped in the process. So if your goal is to save the data and reset it, don't bother. If the data stored on it doesn't need to be retained and you all you want to do get the phone back to its original, usable state, go ahead and hack away at it.
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I'm definitely not a hacker and wasn't aware that what was being asked of me was anything bad. I gave back the phone. Don't want to get involved.

Well it's not necessarily 'bad' but it is conditional -- if you're trying to bypass FRP some stranger's phone to gain access to the user account and its data, than yeah, that's a crappy thing to do. If the phone does belong to your friend and they simply forgot their Google account password, than that's a different scenario and an appropriate thing to try. But if they're forgotten their Google account password,that's not good on several levels.
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I don't believe there was anything malicious involved. He got it figured out today.
Glad he got it figured out.

It's just that posting that kind of info on how to bypass FRP would be of great use to others who have malicious intent. It's why this site frowns upon that kind of discussion. Plus (I'm not saying it's you) we don't know who's posting and if they are genuine or not, but it could be a thief who stole a phone and needed help breaking into it.
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