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Root lg LTE2 CM10 4.1.1. PORT


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May 14, 2012
This is a port from lte2 of cm10
4.1.1. Thanks to HROARK13'S.
CM10 4.1.1 for use as a base

Only thing I didn't test was GPS
Other than that everything works but picture messaging
I added a few things
1. 4.2 gapps installed
2.**4.3 PHOTOSPHERE ** camera and gallery are installed and working
(Really cool)
3.even though this ROM is based off of version c firmware
You can use the gt freedom o.c. kernel to over clock this



I tested this numerous times and it works like a charm
Take a look at these screen shots (at the CPU!!!)

Andriodadmirer's Library | Photobucket

To install the kernel boot into cwm (you can use the power menu reboot recovery )
Make sure you mount system first
Then install and reboot
Go to settings
Go to performance
Than you can set it up from ther
Here's the kernel

Here's the ROM link


To install ...
Boot into cwm
Factory data reset
Wipe cache
Go to mounts and storage
Format cache,data and system
Go to advanced
Wipe dalvic cache
Go to install from SD
Find the ROM
Choose install
Once it's done reboot
There we go
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Sorry about that ( hosting in the same forum)
I thought it would be more convenient to have everything I spoke about in the post in one spot for people to get to
I am so sorry I didn't mean to offend anyone
No worries I made that last post before you made the change. I edited the post though.

Thanks for the adjustment. ;)
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