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Lg Motion discusi

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Oh I see trader lol ay BRO is there a big difference from our esteem with motion, I'm going to buy it today just to play around with it until s 3 comes out;) so is it worth it.

Lol I still have my esteem haha. Gave it to my fiancee cause I wanna see cm9 on it lol.
It's really smooth man. I've had it for like three days and it hasn't lagged at all. The battery literally charges in an hour or less. I recommend it. :)
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Well it wouldn't be the first phone with the feature on MPCS (that would be the Lightray), but you would at $10 to any of the throttled plans (the $40, 50, and 60 plans).
FYI, FWIW I have a family plan...and tried to add hotspot to one of the phones AND get the Motion with the new unlimited unthrottled plan...

IXNAY!!! Not allowed in the same plan.
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