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Root lg motion ,lost root but rooted? , stuck in between

ok so i rooted my motion awhile back no problem , then the new firmwares came out that had to be flashed in order to use, so i did , think i went from D to F using the correct process, ((which ive forgotten how to do, so if anyone could plz lead me to that page id greatly appreciate it )) , now my problem is that im on firmware E , but i didnt do anything and ive lost root permissions unable to move files through root file explorers and so on (lost my awesome hot spot capability which i use for my galaxy tab alot :{ ) , dont know if the update was pushed or....? im confused as hell on what to do , so i figured id just re-root , that didnt work just slowed the phone down , then i figured the problem was because i had flashed the firmware so i went into super user and unrooted there then reformatted the phone to see if i could start fresh , sooo all the bloatware came back and everything else along with it, thought id try to update the old way , but it tells me the system is suspected of having been rooted???? but i have no root permissions.... where do i go from here to achive root again without bricking the phone , do i flash again?? but dont i have to be rooted to do that? should i just try the rooting process again, theres probably a simple solution, but im lost, plz any help would be appreciated
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